SHINee & Taemin: 2018 Olympics Coverage

SHINee & Taemin: 2018 Olympics Coverage

Opening Ceremony

You might have seen some familiar faces at the 2018 Opening Ceremony – the dance crew Just Jerk. They were back up dancers for Taemin during Press Your Number & Danger eras ^^


Ice Hockey’s ‘View’

SHINee’s ‘View’ was played during the ice hockey match between Japan & Sweden on Feb 10th~


Chloe Kim’s Love of K-Pop

USA’s Snowboard Olympic Champion Chloe Kim listed SHINee as one of the k-pop groups she listens the most to. You go girl! ^^


Taemin’s Today Show Interview

Taemin was interviewed by NBC’s Keir Simmons (with translator Stacy Nam), describing Taemin as “Korea’s Michael Jackson”. Aired on NBC’s The Today Show Feb. 21st (original broadcast 1, 2), this segment was pre-recorded in 2017 during MOVE era promos – behind the scenes at MCountdown~


“So happy that the piece I shot with TAEMIN for NBC’s the Today Show is finally airing today! The segment, airing during the Olympics as part of a series introducing Korea to the world, focuses on an aspect of Korean culture that is gaining much momentum worldwide, KPOP. I knew when I first heard the concept behind the piece that I wanted none other than TAEMIN to be featured as an artist representative of the industry. He is undeniably talented, passionate about his artistry and is probably the most adorable angel puppy fluff I have had the pleasure of working with. He has also shown, in recent weeks, tremendous strength and courage through heart-breaking sorrow. I cannot think of someone more deserving of all the love, attention, and praise that comes his way. For those outside the United States, the piece will most likely be posted to the Today Show’s social media after it airs so please keep an eye out on their accounts and leave many sweet and encouraging messages for him! ❤” – Stacy Nam

Stacy Nam SNS: 1, 2, 3

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