USA Jonghyun Vigils #JonghyunYouDidWell

USA Jonghyun Vigils #JonghyunYouDidWell


Shawols came out in droves all across the US during the weeks following Dec. 18th to show our love for Jonghyun via candlelight vigils – a tradition where candles are lit to remember a lost loved one. It was a difficult time for many of us, but the comfort and support found for Shawols at each vigil was amazing to see. I’m sure Jonghyun was there with us each night – whether you were at a large vigil or an individual one at home, I’m sure he heard our prayers.

Jonghyun you did well. We’ll miss you and carry you with us always. Until we meet again on the other side, please continue lighting up our lives with your aqua light. Love you forever.



The admins of other groups we coordinate with as well as the admins we have on our own staff come from widely across the US – so far in fact that we only get to see each other at SHINee events. It warms my heart to scroll through these images and know how many friends attended these vigils. Although we couldn’t hold each other in person, our hearts are one. Thank you to everyone who organized and attended these vigils to remember and honor our Jonghyunnie.


New York City, NY


Atlanta, GA


Los Angeles, CA


Las Vegas, NV


Chicago, IL


Miami, FL


Washington D.C.


Dallas, TX


Houston, TX




Seattle, WA


Portland, OR


** If you have photos/tweets/instagram posts of other USA vigils that we missed, please DM us on Instagram or Twitter with links~! Thank you!**


SM Coex Artium, Seoul, South Korea

A semi-permanent space has been set up for Jonghyun’s memorial at SM. It will be available for you to visit and leave post-it notes until April 30th, 2018. The memorial has his and SHINee’s albums as well as some instruments from his concert merch along the walls (now hidden among post-its).

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