SHINee 2018 Seasons Greetings!

SHINee 2018 Seasons Greetings!

It’s that time of year again for SHINee’s Season’s Greetings~! This year’s edition features ALL 5 members on various planners, posters, & photocards. The perfect way to kick off 2018~! ^^



Aladin US – [Guide]
Ktown4u (includes gift)
Music Plaza (LA)
Choice Music (LA)





Release Date: 12/21/17

**Some stores are offering bonuses, but they’re mostly Korean local – Ex: Aladin KR is offering a bonus but not Aladin US T_T – The only international store that appears to have a bonus is Ktown4u, please read each site’s details closely~!**

– Box Size (mm) : 150 x 210 x 100, Weight: 2,350g

– Artist Monthly Planner (12p SET)*
– Artist Monthly Poster (12p SET) – Size: (436.5mm x 612mm)
– Photo Cards (12p SET)

*Monthly Planner (148mm x 205mm / 72page)
: Photo 14 Page
: Cover 4 Page
: Inner Cover 2 Page
: Year Calendar 2 Page
: Month Calendar 2 Page
: Weekly Records 10 Page
: One day Records 30 Page
: Free note 8 Page



2 thoughts on “SHINee 2018 Seasons Greetings!”

  • Do you know is ktown4u selling the real ones? Does they get the SHINee seasons greeting item directly from Korea? It’s my first time , so I just to make sure I didn’t spent my money on fake ones. Thank you . Appreciate

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