[Recap] Somehow 18 Ep. Summaries~!

[Recap] Somehow 18 Ep. Summaries~!


Episode summaries provided by SHINee USA Staff~! For more information about the show and where to watch it, please refer to our main blog post. Enjoy~! ^^



We start the series meeting an adult Dr. Oh Kyung-hui (Minho) as he insensitively treats a teenage patient who attempted suicide. However, he also offers her some words of strength that ‘some strange girl once said’ to him. He then flashes back to high school, where he was bullied endlessly. He wanted to end his own life several times only to be interrupted by the mysterious new girl, Han Na-bi. She told him to keep living and gave him revenge against his bullies. Before he could properly thank her, he was used by those bullies to then bully Han Na-bi himself. The first episode ends with the memories of high-schooler Kyung-hui crying into his notebook after Na-bi’s suicide.



Adult Kyung-hui refuses his older sister’s attempts to set him up on a blind date, so she accuses him of being hung up on Na-bi. Kyung-hui loudly protests. Later while drinking with an old high school friend (who ended up marrying his sister), he insists he has completely forgotten what Na-bi looks like, only to lovingly recall her every detail after getting drunk. While visiting Na-bi’s father, he finds her diary and reads about her loneliness that was so strong she wanted to die – repeating ‘help me’ over and over again. The DJ on an old record playing in the store asks “Is there is someone you want to meet again – if you could go back to that time together, even if you might never return to the present..” An emotional Kyung-hui starts speaking in reply “Yes, if only I could go back” when Na-bi’s figure appears in the window. He chases her through the streets to find a door marked ‘No Exit’ and the episode ends as he opens it.


Kyung-hui wakes up confused to find himself in his childhood house, looking just like he did as a high-schooler. Wondering if it’s all a dream or if the “time slip” heard on the record disk was real, Kyung-hui runs to the train station and seeing Na-bi alive and well, he embraces her. Startled by a hug from a guy she’s never talked to, Na-bi pushes him away, calls him a pervert, and leaves on the train without him. Kyung-hui isn’t discouraged, realizing he has five days left before Na-bi dies and with his determination to save Na-bi, he faces his old school life with new confidence. When their homeroom teacher scolds Na-bi for sleeping in class, “not trying”, and “bringing down the whole class’ mood” Kyung-hui steps in and lectures him. This attitude earns both of them cleaning duty after school, where Kyung-hui tries once again to get Na-bi to trust him.



When Kyung-hui says he’ll do anything for Na-bi’s favor, she commands he take three steps away since he seems like a pervert. Before he can change her mind, his friend, Seul-gi surprises him with a desperate hug attack (he found Kyung-hui’s suicide note and was worried) and Na-bi leaves them with their apparent forbidden love, which Kyung-hui desperately shouts isn’t true. Later Kyung-hui finds he brought Na-bi’s diary from the future, but as he reads it, the entries disappear.


The diary entries are rewritten as Na-bi has different experiences thanks to Kyung-hui. Kyung-hui reads on, hoping to find a reason for her suicide, but instead just learns she finds him pathetic, and Kyung-hui decides to change his old appearance to counter this. Despite his new look, Na-bi seems unaffected and repeats her rule “Keep three steps away from me”. Kyung-hui runs into his bullies who say he changed his look for Na-bi, then start to tease her, but Kyung-hui steps in to defend her. Remembering a flying soccer ball that had hit him that day, Kyung-hui moves so it strikes his bully instead, but Na-bi ends up getting pushed down the stairs when the bully stumbles.


Kyung-hui rushes Na-bi to the school infirmary, immediately in ‘Doctor mode’ but Na-bi ends up with only a sprained ankle. Kyung-hui tries to find her after class only to hear that she left on her own earlier. He finds her outside, confronting a musician, Jin-wook setting up to busker. She is insisting he visit someone named Da-Eun in the hospital, but he brushes her off with various harmful words trying to distract her. Without understanding the situation, Kyung-hui tries to defend Na-bi, but is shocked to learn from Jin-wook that “that girl even killed someone”. We flash back to a year ago where Na-bi persuades her friends, Da-Eun and Ji-Young to go on a trip, but their bus ends up crashing on the way and only Na-bi makes it out unharmed. Right before the bus crashes, Da-Eun tries to send a selca video to her boyfriend, Jin-wook. Back in the present, Kyung-hui follows Na-bi, who ran off, all the way to the hospital where she encourages her friend, Da-Eun to wake up from her coma.


Kyung-hui’s sister finds his friend, Seul-gi sleeping in Kyun-hui’s bed, and attacks him in surprise. They mourn over Kyung-hui’s suicide note together, but when he finally arrives home, Kyung-hui completely ignores them. Before coming home, Kyung-hui met Jin-wook one more time, asking about the accident. The episode ends when Kyung-hui discovers that Na-bi’s diary is being updated, but instead of writing, only tears are falling on the page. Kyung-hui runs out to find her.



Na-bi meets Kyung-hui outside her house and gives him only one minute and one second to talk. Kyung-hui interrupts and warns her that he’ll never stop caring for her since she inspired him to live again, and when they part he’s happy that she seemed okay (though he thinks she’s certainly still crying inside). The next day Jin-wook arrives at the hospital to finally meet his former girlfriend, Na-bi’s friend Da-Eun who is in a coma. Before emotionally singing her past favorite songs, he told Na-bi how Kyung-hui trapped him in the sauna room last night to make him promise to visit the hospital.


Na-bi discovers Kyung-hui watching them at the hospital and surprises Kyung-hui by thanking him. As they leave, they run into Na-bi’s father who came because Da-Eun’s mother called him, and he angrily accuses Na-bi of senselessly causing pain to for repeatedly showing her face there. They argue and her father strikes Na-bi when she says maybe she should just die too. Kyung-hui consoles Na-bi after she runs off, likening the medicine he applies on her knee to her father’s actions (it can be helpful, but most people don’t know how properly apply it).



The episode begins as Kyung-hui confronts Na-bi’s father to encourage him to try and spend more time with Na-bi and understand his daughter’s point of view before he regrets it. Back at school, Kyung-hui remembers a fire that breaks out in class and stops it from happening at his table, only to have it break out at the table next to him. Seeing the flames, Na-bi relives her trauma from the accident last year and escapes to the roof. As the bullies put out the fire, they spray Seul-gi instead of Kyung-hui with the extinguisher, and while he changes clothes in the bathroom, Kyung-hui realizes why Na-bi met him on the roof originally. Finding Na-bi dangerously on the edge, he repeats the words Na-bi told him when he tried to commit suicide, and pleads, “You have to live. Live for me. Please live for me.”


Kyung-hui was confused as to why the fire still broke out when he knew how to stop it, and it wasn’t until his friend Seul-gi got his clothes stolen from his bullies and Na-bi promises him revenge against them, that he realized that the same events continue to happen, he was only changing who they happened to if at all. The episode ends as he yanks down his bullies shorts and runs away gleefully like Na-bi did before.



Seul-gi takes Na-bi and Kyung-hui to an amusement park to celebrate their small victory and joy. After riding some rides and playing games, Kyung-hui’s sister drags Seul-gi away so the other two can be alone. Na-bi asks how Kyung-hui could change so much in the past few days. In her diary Na-bi confesses how happy she his and that she keeps thinking of the good-looking Kyung-hui, but also how she’s suddenly afraid. She writes, “This happiness seems like it’ll disappear like a bubble. It’s frightening.” Kyung-hui realizes there’s only two days left before Na-bi dies and he still doesn’t know why she commits suicide. The next day Na-bi wakes up to find her dad preparing a birthday feast for her and he opens his heart to say, “Happy birthday. Thank you for being born as my daughter.” Later on, Na-bi takes Kyung-hui to pay respects to her other friend who passed away in the accident, Ji-young, and feels guilty wondering if it’s okay for her to live happily. The episode ends as Kyung-hui answers a call from the hospital saying Da-Eun’s condition has worsened and to emotionally prepare for the worst, thus realizing the reason Na-bi will commit suicide.


After realizing why Na-bi will commit suicide, Kyung-hui decides that even if she will eventually find out about Da-Eun’s worsening condition, now is not the right time. He “accidentally” drops her phone off the boat while taking a selca together. When they arrive at her home, Kyung-hui asks that they stay together until the morning, but Na-bi says she has dinner plans with her father. As a birthday gift, Kyung-hui finally gives her the hairpin he wanted to gift her ten years ago before she died. After Na-bi kisses him on the cheek as a thank you, Kyung-hui chases after her and kisses her.



Na-bi writes in her diary how glad she was to finally greet her friend Ji-Young again, which she couldn’t do before by herself, but was able to today with the help of Kyung-hui. She continues to write how her heart won’t stop thumping after her (very first!) kiss with him. Kyung-hui’s smile while reading this is bittersweet after thinking how tomorrow is the day Na-bi dies. Na-bi gets a phone call that night from Jin-wook and rushes to the hospital. Jin-wook and Na-bi are by Da-Eun’s side when she passes away, but a grief-struck mother shakes and blames everything on Na-bi. Kyung-hui realizes that Na-bi must’ve found out about Da-Eun since she isn’t at school, so he races to the hospital. First he is stopped by his bullies, but is saved by Seul-gi (who also called the cops, but basically sacrificed himself). The episode ends as he speeds towards Na-bi who is precariously on the edge of the hospital roof…



Rushing to the hospital Kyung-hui gets a phone call from Na-bi, who says she couldn’t kill herself in the end because Kyung-hui gave her so many reasons to want to live. They realize they’re just across the street from each other and go to meet each other in the cross walk, only to have speeding car hurtle towards Na-bi. Kyung-hui understands that someone still has to die and pushes Na-bi away so the car hits himself. We return to the present, where now Na-bi is a doctor, and she treats the same schoolgirl we saw in the drama’s first scene. She then goes to Kyung-hui’s bedside in his hospital room, saying how everything he predicted in his letter has come true. We flashback to his friends and family crying over him in the hospital right after the accident, where Seul-gi hands Na-bi a letter from Kyung-hui that explains everything and asks her to live a happier life than he did. He wrote letters to everyone else as well, and while not everyone believed it, those who did understand. Before she leaves his room, she tells him that the day he entered the time slip is tomorrow and asks him to quickly wake up and live. The drama ends as Kyung-hui opens his eyes after his 10-year coma and smiles.



(Someday, 1 year later) While in a convenience store, Na-bi hears the same voice Kyung-hui heard, asking if she would travel through a time slip to see someone again, even if she’ll never return. Thinking of her friends Da-Eun and Ji-Young she agrees. She sees them just outside the window, and chases them to the same door marked ‘No Exit’… Before following them she gives Kyung-hui a quick call, promising, “I’ll find you” and then opens the doorway.

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