[Drama] Minho: ‘어쩌다18’ / ‘Somehow 18’ Info~!

[Drama] Minho: ‘어쩌다18’ / ‘Somehow 18’ Info~!

Release Date: August 28, 2017
Network: JTBC Webdrama, Naver TV
Time Slot: Daily, Monday-Friday 7am KST (8/28 ~ 9/8)
Episode Length: 15 min
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Role: Oh Kyung Hwi (male lead)
Homepage: JBTC Somehow 18
Stream: Official Naver TV*, MPlay (unofficial), Official International Release: DRAMAFEVER  (*To watch the show officially on Korean sites, you will need to use a VPN)
Subtitles: In Progress via @sagyehan
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” “Somehow 18” is about a man who used to be a loner during his high school days and how he, in an attempt to revive his first love who passed away, goes back in time to when he was 18 years old. “Somehow 18” is part of a series of web dramas that JTBC will begin rolling out on July 31 with “People You May Know” (literal translation), which will star Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, Lee Won Geun, and Sim Hee Seob.” (Source: Announcement [Soompi Trans])

Minho’s Role

Oh Kyung Kwi – “he was a bully in high school and in the present life he’s a popular orthopaedics surgery resident who’s chic and quiet” (@sagyehan)

Episode Summaries

You can read our staff’s episode summaries here~!



[170720] PD Interview

Q. The handsome Minho appears as a ‘loser in his past years’.
PD: “He is handsome no matter how we dress him. Minho is Minho even when he wears a wig and glasses.
But I think the characteristics of that role can be found in everyone. I think everyone is inarticulate and timid in some ways.”

Q. Why did you cast Minho?
PD: “We needed a boy. And someone who could play the role of both a boy and an adult. Minho exactly fit that image.
Minho is pure and good-hearted. He also works very hard too. He studied the script very hard even though his schedule must be
intensive. He also establishes the character on his own too.” – translation by @thatcoolcatmeow



170818 – “Somehow 18” Poster
170823 – JTBC “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” Ep. 45 (Minho guest) | Official Cuts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 | Full Raw | Official Instagram 1, 2 | Naver Article |
170823 – Website Update: Photos
170824 – “Somehow 18” Press Con | Official Clips Playlist | Trans 1, | Instagram Update 1, | Eng Sub Clip 1 |


Teaser Playlist

Making Videos (spoilers!!)



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  • YAAAAASSSSS!!! It’s time that he got a lead!! Soooo excited!! Can’t wait to see how much work he’s going to put in it!

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