170603 Taemin ~ Dream Concert 2017

170603 Taemin ~ Dream Concert 2017

Taemin performs Sexuality live for the first time at 2017’s Dream Concert~!

This year’s Dream Concert was held on June 3rd at the Seoul World Cup Stadium with the ending line up including acts like Seventeen, Twice, VIXX, Taemin, & EXO. The full concert was originally live streamed on the app Oksusu and then later only Sexuality was broadcast on television via SBS on June 14th~! An additional order of Shabats was created by Shawols for this year’s Dream Concert and you can see them light up our ocean (lovingly referred to as a “field of grass”) below & on the SBS broadcast (currently not available)~!


Sexuality + Talk + Press Your Number – Oksusu Stream (below) – Kimkibumssi Fancam




Legendary Solo Man Lee Taemin~! (feat. SHINee World)

LED Sign: 역솔남 이태민 SHINee

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