[Drama] Key: ‘파수꾼’/ “Lookout”

[Drama] Key: ‘파수꾼’/ “Lookout”


Key’s 2nd Drama ‘파수꾼’ is set for release on May 22nd~! ^^

Release Date: 5/22/17
Network: MBC, Official Homepage
Time Slot: Mon & Tues @ 10pm KST
Gong Kyung Soo
USA Official Licensed Streaming: Dramafever – Releases Tues/Wed evenings with English Subtitles


Synopsis (from Soompi)

“파수꾼” tells the story of ordinary people whose lives have been shattered after losing their loved ones through crimes. The drama will be showing how they gather together to stop the criminals who have not yet been caught by policemen and prosecutors.


Key’s Role

Gong Kyung Soo – “a hacker, who’s a goofy troublemaker but skilled at hacking to steal information” (source) – Key: “Actually I don’t like the style of sneakers. But it seemed like Gong Kyung Soo was the type to like wearing sneakers with his image. I approached the director saying I want to wear street hip hop fashion with this character. The director said he liked it. The director doesn’t really like my hairstyle. But it fits the image I have of Kyung Soo. ” (Source Trans: SHINee USA Staff)


Character Introduction: 공경수

*Behind the Scenes: Character Intro Bloopers*



170420 – Election Teaser

17.06 – Nylon Korea (Magazine) w/ Interview

170519 – Press Conference – FullKey Cut (no subs)

170519 – V App Live – Pt IPt II (subbed)


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