SHINee 9th Anniversary Party

SHINee 9th Anniversary Party

(Vyrl, keystagram 1, 2)


Entertainment Weekly Interview Official Cuts: 1 , 2, English Subbed


** Same as the last anniversary parties, there are no fan photos or videos. (Note: This is at SHINee’s & staff’s specific request) (Misnaa) **
MC: Park ji sun is today’s mc – She was in Yunhanam and she also was the one who mc-ed the last 7th anniversary party (fantaemsie)

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Messages from each member (Z0EYYY)
Jinki: Happy! 9th Anniversary! It’s been long! Everyone’s cheering! It’s our 9th year from your strength. I love you! Yaho! Yes it’s our 9th year.
Jonghyun: To my friends~! 9 years flew by like this and we’re meeting again. I love you.
Kibum: It’s already our 9th year!! Time flies… We’ll hear more announcements and let’s see each other for a longer time. Love u~!
Minho: SHINee World!! It’s already our 9th year.. no.. How can time fly by this fast… Thank you for staying by without changing for the last 9 years, even though I always say this, really, Shawols are the best… I sincerely love you all, and I love you again. Till our 99th year….
Taemin: It’s our 9th year~ Now till 1 year later… Please love SHINee a lot who is 9 years old~~

1st Ment / Initial Talk [audio]

The theme of the stage was SHINee and Shawols house. That’s why there was the bed we saw on Key’s instagram. Also a sofa on the other side of the stage and they brought sofas and chairs and tables for the ment like a real house. (Misnaa)

They brought sofa for the first ment and it took them forever to figure out how they were gonna sit. Finally OnTae sat on one sofa, Jong, Minho, and Key another. OnTae kept talking between them so much that Jonghyun told them a few times to speak to everybody and not only each other kkkk Jonghyun and Taemin were on the end of the sofas, next to each other and they were leaning toward each other quite often kkkk (Misnaa)

For the first ment they used the letters of SHINee Day to talk about different topics. The letters were on a tree and Minho kept taking them instead of the MC. Then Kibum on purpose took the A before Minho and had time to move and they fought on the sofa kkkk (Misnaa)

(Z0EYYY, AreyouMTTM )
S – SHINee
H – Here (right now)
I – Impression
N – New (anything new recently) [audio]
E – Experience
E – Effect (the effects of the team SHINee)

D – Day
A – Always
Y – You (Q: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when the word YOU is mentioned O: Onew ! M: Yes it’s definitely Onew! -ending the segment- M: I love you (Eng) (Felt shy) M: Taemin you should have said it! T: Oh..but you seem to say it well – iheartshinee_ )

O: I released an SM Station song too. Also an article came out right? I have an acting role
F: woaah
O: I saw that article’s comments too
O: ah what what
O: I won’t mess it up I’ll work well!! (fantaemsie)

The Boys 1st Impressions

They talked about their first impression of the members and none of them got their ages right. So for a little while they all got mixed up by ages hahahaha (Misnaa)

Jinki talking about his first impression of Jjong – He first met Jjong and when he went into the practice room Jjong told him here’s this, here’s that~ so Jinki thought oh it must be great to have a hyung like him…! (Z0EYYY)

After Onew mentioned that Jjong brought him around the practice rooms.. Key said that Jjong’s always like that. When there is a new trainee, he will spend the day bringing the person around the company and for practices but after 3 days, he won’t bother anymore.
J: I like new faces. (bling_saur)

T:When I first saw Minho I thought he had big eyes and a small face and he spoke Korean fluently! But he ended up being Korean
M:stop stopㅋㅋ
M about T: thought he was a hyung
F: eeyyee
M: back then he had kind of the same height as me (..) also when Taemin danced it was like he had no bones (fantaemsie)

1st impression (jong>key) J: Key came in after I got closer with Taemin after having meal together. He spoke with a dialect accent, it was fascinating then. Key’s fringe and hair was long. Jonghyun couldn’t grow his hair due to school rules and because they were a year apart. (iheartshinee_)


An experience they want to have

O: I’m someone who does a lot of different things. I’ve done golfing and bowling ah.. Before I’ve done a driving broadcast what was it..
J: top gear!
O: Top gear? Is that right? I don’t think it is…
J: It’s top gear top gear!!
O: okay then.. I wish to do racing (fantaemsie)
Onew say he wan to try racin again
T: Safely…recently before concerts Onew, Kibum and me will hold hands & pray for the concert to end safely
J: I hold hands with Minho and pray too
K: You guys were always dancing! (iheartshinee_)

Most memorable day

O: can it be in the future? For me the day of Taemin’s concert.. As a maknae achieving his dream alone, I’m looking forward to it
J: I’m going to attend it!
T: originally Jonghyun hyung had a concert that day but one day he told me “Ya taemin-ah!” then asked “aren’t you curious ㅎㅅㅎ?!” No I’m not 6v6? Then he said his concert schedule changed and he’s coming~
J: I changed itㅎㅅㅎ!
J: we talked about it a lot since we have a lot of interest in each other’s personal activities too
MC: Jonghyun is like a young CEO with such a composed attitude like that! (fantaemsie)

Talking about a day they remember the most, Minho mentioned about their first concert and he felt emotions he can never forget (Z0EYYY) Minho said the thing that Jjong always do before the concert is to go up to the members and say “do well~~” (Minho imitated Jjong’s voice) (Z0EYYY)

Cake Time

Fan Events (Items used for the Fan Events, Balloon)

Fan Banner: “늘 9자리에” – From the lyrics of “Honesty” – “Always There 9”

Slogans were held up as the huge cake was pushed in but they were soooo distracted with the cake that they didn’t notice
J: wah just look down for a min (iheartshinee_)

Now that Kibum uploaded the cake I remember that it was so big the boys couldn’t stop looking at it and talking about it. All of them were talking at the same time about it and trying to touch it, a real chaos hahahaha We had an event at that time with the banner and we had to tell them to look at us because they only cared about the cake OTL (Misnaa)

Fanmade Videos

“Prior to the fan meeting, applications for videos that will be presented at the fan meeting were held and Shawols sent in their videos for the special event. 3 out of the lot was chosen and presented during the fan meeting.” – KStarLive


The boys playing games with fans as supporters: They divided us by “team” to cheer on one member for two games. The first game was basketball* and the second was to hit the color that pops up. The boys had so much fun making us scream by team hahahahahaha Jinki won in the end, Minho fell down on his knees when he realized hahahah I got on Kibum’s team kkkkk (Misnaa) (* conflicting fanaccounts)

I was on Jonghyun’s team & the moment I saw the basketball machine… Are you. asking. kimjonghyun. who spends 95% of his time win a basketball game hmm (iheartshinee_)

Mirror Decoration Contest! (Key’s Mirror, Minho’s Mirror, Taemin’s Mirror, Jonghyun’s Mirror, )
They had to decorate a mirror in 10 min. All the boys were so focused. Taemin made his mirror fall hahahaha. He also made the weirdest one… he made a poop with some modeling clay and put it on top of the mirror hahahaha The boys couldn’t stop laughing when they saw that (Misnaa) Taemin just put a clay resembling poop on top of his mirror omygod hahah he says its chocolate hahahahhaha (fantaemsie)

They played a game where the member who puts the most balls in within 40 secs wins (Minho: 43, Taemin 39, Kibum: 36, Minho : I’m sorry everyone but I’m winning today!, Jinki: 62!!!!, Jonghyun : 43! “I worked hard” When he was scoring Kibum: Stop it hyung my score is getting lower!!) (fantaemsie)

The second game is whac-A-Mole game (with fans)
Onew: 716!
Kibum: woah really this hyung
Kibum: 690
J: Let’s just stop we’ll all lose to onew
Jonghyun team: 682
Taemin: 378
Minho: 666
– Onew’s team won and the present was socks to the whole team since socks come in pairs so in a sense that they wouldn’t part away then Jjong…  (The Socks)
J: it’d be more meaningful if they were toe socks (fantaemsie)

Behind the Scenes/ Backstage Video of SHINee World V (mostly includes video of North American stops)

North America Backstage (Misnaa)
The tour backstage video only showed North America stops. And during the cheering part before the concert at every stop they changed it in a funny way hahaha For the first one instead of saying “SHINee World” Kibum said “Kim Kibum!” and everybody stayed silent judging him hahahaha For the second one Minho used a kind of witch voice kkk

They showed a video of the boys performing Replay through the years. So many Shawols cried around me T__T Boys were really impressed by us singing and doing fanchants to absolutely everything (Misnaa 1, 2)


View [audio]
1 of 1 [audio]
Replay 누난 너무 예뻐 (VCR?) [audio]
Your Name
투명 우산 / Don’t Let Me Go [audio] (One of the events was with a white balloon instead of our usual pearl aqua one and Jinki said the balloons were pretty obvious since the start and he found us cute to still try hard to make it a surprise (Misnaa) clear/white balloon fan event O: I saw ppl hoo hoo blowing the balloons at the start of the song M: When I saw the white balloons I thought of when we first debuted when they were only balloons because there wasn’t lightsticks )

During the games Taemin made a hole in his jacket and showed it to Jinki who laughed and slapped playfully his shoulder kkk Since Taemin had to change his jacket he arrived late on stage for the next song. His jacket being red was easy to spot even in the dark hahaha We all laughed and when the music started Taemin realized he was not on the right spot so the start of View was quite messy hahaha (Misnaa 1, 2)

(Source: Vyrl)

Ending Comments (audio)

Taemin said he will have concert in Korea! He said he feels bad to not have activities with us so he will definitely make sure to do it. (Misnaa) Taemin dyed his hair again during the day. It was green/grayish this morning and really blue tonight~ (Misnaa)

Jonghyun giving us false hope: The MC asked them what they were up to these days and Jonghyun said he was practicing for SHINee World concert so we got excited but he said that it was only for the tour (SHINee World V), not a new concert. (Misnaa)

The boys kept saying over and over how they missed us T__T Minho said he really missed the pearl ocean and it was warming his heart to see it. During his last ment Taemin said that there is a lot of new idols and they know they don’t have activities with us so he is really worried that we would leave but he was happy to see so many of us today. This ment and all the boys with teary eyes just broke my heart T__T (Misnaa)

They showed all the teasers and the boys cringed hard at the early ones until Juliette basically hahaha (Misnaa)

T: when 1year went by then the 2nd.. You know how it’s said that an idol’s life span is 5years? I had a worried heart but now that it’s 9 years I’m relieved and have more of a confidence in staying together, we don’t wish for anything than for you to be happy with us (fantaemsie)



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