SHINee World V in Dallas: Admin FanAccount

SHINee World V in Dallas: Admin FanAccount

Hi Shawols~! ^^ Because my previous fanaccount was only about the project execution, I really wanted to make something more personal for our main blog post about the concert in Dallas (LA post coming at a later time~!) and my experience that day. I know this was a long time coming. >< Enjoy~! ^^


Pre-Concert Volunteering

Volunteers met at the venue around 9:30am. It was cold and raining… Our raining men strike again! The flowers arrived a little after 11am and we gave our letter to a SubK representative to be added to it. Around that time, SubK was also setting up the merch booth on the front porch of the venue by the doors and by the time merch pick up began at noon, the sky was starting to clear up.

We passed out keychains and stickers to our project donors and volunteers passed out the project banners. Thank you so much to all of our volunteers – You guys did such a great job! ^^ By the afternoon, it got really hot and we were holding umbrellas to create shade. Throughout the day, SubK walked around interviewing Shawols for their Video Song Project.

At 5:30pm, the colored paper project volunteers met at the front of the venue and divided up the paper that would later form a heart during the show. While chatting with the venue security staff, they said that the only shows that sold out at the Verizon Theater (in their eyes, this event was a sell out) were K-Pop and Christian concerts. So that made us really proud! ^^ From that point, we set up the colored paper heart inside and sat down for the show!



The Concert

By the time I sat down, “Runaway” (SHINee’s pre-concert song) had just started. The whole concert was really incredible. To describe every song would be excessive. But I was overjoyed to see Taemin’s “Goodbye” live and Jonghyun & Onew’s “Please Don’t Go”. I had seats in the back of the P1 section 103 and was close enough that I never looked at the monitors the whole show. The audience really was on FIRE for Minho! Out of all the SHINee World concerts I’ve seen fancams of, I’ve never heard such a Minho biased crowd! It’s like there were screams for every breath he took. The whole concert was so overwhelming. We sang and cheered basically the whole show. I didn’t have much time to memorize fanchants leading up to the concert but it didn’t really matter because the crowd wasn’t the type that did fanchants. I felt like me and one other girl were the only ones doing them in our area. But that’s okay! Every crowd is different~! ^^ I ended up following along with everyone by the end of the concert so I could reserve my voice – Although my voice ended up froggy 3 days after the concert anyways.. Worth it!



During one of the comment sections, Key apologized for something he said backstage (about the costume he didn’t love) and told a story about how his Gucci got burnt in Vancouver and was replaced. Poor Gucci… The new one looked so good though~! I might have liked it better? ^^ And Onew’s hand holding comment… Was it a pun? Everyone keeps asking me about it but I really have no idea.. If you watch Jonghyun’s expression in the fancams you’ll see that even he was like “???” and totally gave up! XD I like to think Onew was trying to make the connection that performing the songs with us at a SHINee World Concert was like holding hands with SHINee World. If the actual meaning is something else, I don’t want to know! XD


Overall, the show was 110% amazing! We weren’t expecting the moment when SHINee asked to take a photo with the crowd during their comments before the final song. So with the banner project instructions being prepared for the last song, the banners didn’t make it into the photo. Next time we’ll include in the instructions to raise them during a moment like this if it happens again! But I was so proud to be able to hold the banner & colored paper project with everyone during the final song~! What I could see of the heart looked so good and I could see Minho squinting trying to figure out what we made. I hope the boys were able to see it well! ^^



I’m just so grateful when I think about SHINee World V… We had worked for over a year every day on MyMusicTaste trying to create buzz to get a SHINee World Concert (long before the fanmeets). When SubK finally announced it after the fanmeets it was such a magical moment! And their staff did such a good job too! They were so helpful in communicating with us fans and getting our projects approved. I couldn’t be more thankful!


I’m also crazy grateful to our Shawols~! There’s a lot of concert follow up stuff that our group is working on – including being interviewed about the concert and collecting photos for that. But we really couldn’t have done any of this without you. I know I say that over and over again, but our projects for these concerts were so expensive and so volunteer needy. It would not have happened if you all didn’t donate and contribute your time! ❤ ❤ ❤ I keep saying that we as a group are a reflection of you and your passion and it’s just so true! Thank you so much for everything~! ^^


To SHINee… there’s no way we could say how happy and thankful we were to see you live. We have all created memories together during SWC V that we will love and cherish for a long long time~! Please think of your USA fans when you’re planning your next tour! We want to see you again soooon~! We’re forever cheering you on from this side of the Pacific! ^^

Thank you for everything~! ❤
SHINee USA Main Admin

Note: These labeled photos were generously sent to us for the article mentioned before. I don’t know if they’ll make it in the final article but we wanted to show off a few here. Thank you so much for your help~! ^^



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