2016 SHINee Fanmeet in Dallas: FanAccount

2016 SHINee Fanmeet in Dallas: FanAccount
Written by Jon @ Shawols International

So I started the morning pretty early and got to the venue a bit after 10:30am. I spent most of the day passing out banners and distributing fan made items. After many hours in the hot Texas sun, we were finally let in around 5:40pm. The show didn’t start till 7pm so I spent the rest of the hour standing at the door handing out banners for Taemin’s birthday project. A lot of people didn’t show up until the doors opened and they were smart to do so because the heat outside was killer!

At 7pm I finally made my way to my seat which had an awesome view of the stage! People filled in and there was a lot of excitement in the air! Finally the intro video played and SHINee came out and opened with “Everybody”! They wore the jackets they wore during their last Japanese arena tour and looked phenomenal! Then after the MC came out and they introduced themselves, they played a montage of fan submitted videos.


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Since I was chosen to go on stage, I was instructed to go to the lobby when the fan videos started, so that’s what I did. I made my way to the lobby and was met by a few other excited fans and a staff member. They explained to us what we needed to do, and a few moments later we were ushered backstage! My heart was pumping with excitement! We were given a number, put into teams and went on stage! It was so unreal that I was on stage with none other than SHINEE!! Each member had to draw for a team and we ended up on Key’s team! (But my eyes kept wandering to Jonghyun!)

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I watched all the members go out and do their thing during the charades game and they all did an amazing job and were hilarious! At the end of the game our team lost, but that was all good because it was just great being up there at all! Key gave us double hugs and we were told to exit stage to the right. As I was turning to leave I remembered I had a dinosaur headband a friend had made for me, I was suddenly filled with courage and decided to give it to Jjong. I walked toward him and asked him “Can I give you this?” He looked confused at first but then he seemed to understand and smiled. He looked up at me and said “Oh Thank you” and cutely waved at me and said “Bye Bye” with a big smiley grin! I quickly waved back and before I knew it, I was backstage again and heading back through the hallway to go to my seat. At that point I couldn’t hold back the ugly crying!


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When I made it back to my seat I was met with cheers from my seat mates. Everyone was very kind and very nice! The rest of the show went without a hitch. The set list was exactly like the Chicago one and the members gave us an amazing show! At the end they all said their goodbyes and before they left we held up our banners (“Love Has No Borders, Happy Birthday Taemin”) and sang Taemin happy birthday. Key was confused because he knew it wasn’t Taemin’s birthday, but I think they understood that we were wishing him a belated birthday. As they left they once again said that they’d return! I 500% plan to be there whenever they do!

This fanmeet was not only amazing because I got to see SHINee, but also because I got to meet with old friends and make tons of new ones! SHINee World is truly one of the best fandoms!


(Source: SubKulture Ent.)


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