SuperM “WE ARE THE FUTURE” Tour Banner Project: LA

SuperM “WE ARE THE FUTURE” Tour Banner Project: LA


Hi Shawols~! We will be supporting @USuperM_Project for the SuperM LA The Forum banner project so that there will be enough banners for everyone attending!

To finish out the project, we will be raising $750 with @NCTinLA to have an additional 6,000 banners printed (see above). Currently there are enough banners already printed for 7k but the venue is planned to hold ~13k. So we’ll need your support to give SuperM a full venue banner project! We hope you’ll give this project a lot of love by sharing on social media & donating (if you’re able)~! Fighting!! Let’s make this last leg of the US tour memorable for Taemin & SuperM!

These banners will be made available FREE to EVERYONE attending the LA concerts and are meant to be held by the entire arena during a specific moment of the concert. If you are unfamiliar with our past projects, you can check them out here on our blog:


Donation Form


Deadline: Jan. 24th, 2020

Gifts: 3 Taemin Postcards (see form for details)
Raffle: Unofficial keychains & license plates (see form for details)


Thank you for your support! Please keep an eye on our Twitter for regular updates~!



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