SHINee USA: Taemin KTMF Banner Project & 2016 T-Shirt REPRINT

SHINee USA: Taemin KTMF Banner Project & 2016 T-Shirt REPRINT



✦ EVENT: 2019 Korea Times Music Festival
✦ WHERE: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA
✦ DATE: April 27th, 2019





We will be creating ~2,000 banners to support Taemin at KTMF! Priority will be given to Shawols standing in the front sections so Taemin can see the banners, but there should be enough to go around even if you’re at the back~! ^^ To reach this goal, we’re going to need around $500 in donations. We haven’t price checked everything yet so this amount might be more or less depending on which printer we choose. If it changes, we will update you on our Twitter & Facebook~! As always, we will keep you updated on our donation progress via Twitter~! (Banner image previews coming soon!)

✦ Distribution times & locations will be posted the day of the event on our Twitter! So please FOLLOW THE ACCOUNT! ^^ ✦

✦Donation CLOSE: April 10th, midnight EST!



As promised, here is a preview of the 2,000 banners that we will be printing for KTMF – Taemin’s 1st solo gig in the US~! ^^ And for everyone volunteering for the Airport Welcome Project, we will be printing 50 different banners. Last but not least, we will be making a fancy 6 FOOT banner “USA WANTs TAEMIN” for Shawols to pose with both at the airport and at KTMF~! For KTMF, visit the banner pick up spot for a photo op~! For more information on where to pick up banners & volunteer, follow @AgnesLu5 on Twitter~! ^^

✦ KTMF Banner x2000:  “HOT HOT! TAEMIN is here at last 💕

✦ Airport Banner x50:  “We want more TAEMIN!”

✦ SPECIAL Banner 2.5′ x 6′: “USA WANTs TAEMIN”



For everyone who missed out (or if your banner got damaged), we are releasing our banner designs for download so you can print them on your own! If we were to reprint them and sell them, the cost of tube shipping would be far too much to be reasonable so we would rather everyone just go print their own copy at their local print shop. For the “HOT HOT” banners, you might need to request your printer make the front side a little lighter. The paper size you will need is 17″ x 5.5″. If you didn’t originally donate to this project and you would like to leave a tip/donation as a thank you to our staff, you can always send $1 to via PayPal and we’ll put that $1 forward to our next project~ ^^ Thanks everyone for making this such a successful project!!

Main KTMF Banner “HOT HOT! TAEMIN is here at last 💕” Download


Aqua Airport/Group Photo Banner “We want more TAEMIN” Download



(Source: Korea Times)




It is VERY important that we use this event to show SM that we want a USA Solo Tour for Taemin’s new concert “T1001101”. In order to do this, we are asking that ALL SHAWOLS purchase the NEW OFFICIAL SHINee LIGHTSTICK to use at KTMF. Since this is a symbol of our fandom, having one for events like this is EXTREMELY important! More important than the banners honestly. So please buy one if you haven’t already! Be sure to order ASAP so you can have it in time for the concert~! Remember shipping takes time!



✦ SMGlobalShop (Discount Code for 15% off: SGSXSM ):
✦ 11STREET (KTMF Sponsor, 11% Shipping Discount):
✦ Ebay, etc.


✦✦ T-Shirt REPRINT ✦✦

Due to popular demand on Twitter, we will be opening up a T-Shirt REPRINT for our 2016 T-Shirt just in time for KTMF!!! There will be a couple of modifications. The T-Shirt TEXT will change from “2016” to “SHINee USA” and there might be some slight color changes to the design (not to the fabric – it’s the same base t-shirt). Minimum order needed for pre-order: 17 T-Shirts! Please read the form below for more details!

DEADLINE: April 4th, midnight EST ✦
✦ Sizes Available: XS-3XL ✦

✦ Pre-Order Form Is Now Open! ✦





Even if you aren’t going, you can always support by trending these hashtags with us leading up to the event! Social media is a really powerful tool for fandoms and it’s free! So let’s use it a lot to show Taemin & SM our support! ^^


We hope that you’ll participate a lot in supporting Taemin for his upcoming activities in LA! Every little bit matters and will go a long way towards showing SM how much we want to see our boys in the USA! Let’s have fun together this year! Shawols Fighting!!



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