SHINee World 1st Concert in Seoul [Eng Trans]

SHINee World 1st Concert in Seoul [Eng Trans]


We’ve finished subbing SHINee World I in Seoul!!! Wooo~! As much as we would love to be able to offer video content, it’s just too difficult copyright-wise to do so. We don’t want to spend our time chasing after video take downs. So with that thought in mind, we decided it would be best to present our translation as an open source file. Obviously, please don’t remove credits, please don’t claim this translation as your own, etc. But DO feel free to translate it into any other language that you desire so long as you cite us as your source~! You can find the full text translation below. The translation is provided by our ever diligent and hardworking SHINee USA Staff~! Thank you for your hard work!



These subtitles are for educational purposes. We will not provide accompanying video content so please do not ask us for it. We know that the “SHINee World the 1st Concert in Seoul” DVD is out of print. The best place right now that you can go to buy it is through second-hand websites like eBay or Buy/Sell/Trade groups (like those found on Facebook). We won’t advocate for piracy… however we will note that uploads can be found online through a simple Google search. Also the bonus/behind the scenes footage has already been translated by someone else so we won’t be working on that.


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Full Text Translation

Translated by: SHINee USA Staff


=Disk 1=

O: Everyone!
K: Are you all having fun?
O: Is that really so?
K: Finally, we’re having our first concert-
J: So many of you came~!
K: Yes, wow~ Thank you so much
O: Okay.. shall we introduce ourselves? 1, 2, 3
All: Hello, we are Shining SHINee!!
M: Onew-hyung, introduce (yourself)
J: Yeah!
O: Ah~
K: Self-introduction. Separately.
O: Hello, I’m SHINee’s leader called Onew.
T: Hello, I’m now the only teenager left*, SHINee’s Taemin.  (*Korean age) ((TN *by Korean age he’d have just turned 19.. but internationally he’s still only 17 during this performance lol* so this is more literally what he says: “I’m now in my final year as a teen”, or “I’m now entering my final year as a teenager”))
K: Wow!
J: Yes~ Hello, I’m SHINee’s Jonghyun. Hello~
M: Hello, I am SHINee’s eternal flaming charisma Minho
K: Hello, I’m SHINee’s Almighty Key. Nice to meet you! ((TN his nickname is literally “master key (in Korean), Key (his name)” but since this is a trans for i-shawol.. “Almighty Key” XD ))
O: Wow we’re so so glad that this many of you came to see us here at the beginning of the new year
J: That’s so true~
K: So happy~ This is our first concert in Korea.. (O: Right)
K: It’s only the beginning but, first of all, we really want to thank you all for coming
J: Yes
K: And it seems like this is a success right from the start
J: Yes that’s right. Everyone~ now that it’s started, you can stand up and enjoy yourselves, right?
O: Well, even though those in the front are already standing, those who are in the back please stand up now too. Loosen up your body a bit and-
J: You all have warmed up right? ((TN Jinki is speaking really formally and politely to shawols while Jjong is speaking casually like shawol are friends))
J: Then get up already!
O: Did you heat up? ((TN he’s using a term for cooking so.. Jinki dad jokes..))
O: GET UP~!!
J: Ah, stand up if you please. ((TN now Jjong is super formal))
M: Yeah
O: Ah, this is so nice. Like this, we have sung several songs so far, right?
O: To the point we’re sweating like mad. So now it’s time for us to take it slightly easy.
O: We will sing “Your Name”!



One day at the beginning of winter..
J: On this road I am walking..
J: Because of my desire and the long stretches of time, my dreams are being achieved.
J: Sometimes… if I look back at the footsteps behind me, I can see myself dreaming of who I am now.
O: I am grateful…
O: … For brief moments like this minute, this second.
O: Even too this road I am walking on…
O: And even the precious people who embrace/protect me.
T: I, who was curious about the emotion called love, have fallen in love.
T: Now everything is beautiful in my eyes and my heart always flutters
T: Because I can see love in the many shining eyes looking at me.
T: My people who taught me about this sparkling love..
T: SHINee World…
K: In winter, it seems I suddenly became tall.
K: On this road I’m walking for the sake of my dreams…
K: I’m having a lot thoughts.. so in that moment I meet my future, I will have no regrets.
M: ‘Not yet’.. These words are quite odd.
M: Moments when it’s not ‘already too late..’ give me hope and..
M: I get sick waiting for the words ‘as always I couldn’t do it’.
M: My dream is…
M: To stand in the center of the desire called ‘not yet…’ with shining wings spread open.
On the road towards my dream…


VCR ~The Story Of A Bus Stop~

I am the place where you wait for the bus.
When love comes around, I read the mind of innocent love.
Early morning, a bus with a fragrant encounter on board..
… came towards me.
And in one boy’s heart..
… This scented wind blew inside.
Suddenly it starts sprinkling.
One boy met a girl…
… Who was standing under me.
And like a shoulder getting soaked by raindrops..
… First love fell into the boy’s heart.
Two eyes full of overflowing love.
One boy…
… waits all afternoon.
In order to convey his heart with blinding pink light..
… he approached the girl’s side.
One boy’s cold heart…
… was let go.
And yet, could not take another step and…
… stood for a while, beside me like this.
Time created fate.
After waiting all winter long…
… it looks like the boy’s heart was conveyed.
The boy’s bright smile even lit me up.
Tomorrow as well, what type of heart will I end up seeing?


=Disk 2=


Encore Ment

K: Should we go?
K: Should we leave?
K: ‘Don’t go’?
K: They’re saying not to go~
K: Like this…
K: It’s thanks to you all sending us lots of support that our first concert…
K: …was able to be finished well~ (J: Yes)
K: And thank you so much for the encore! Did you -really- have fun?
J: How much? How much?
K: How much?
T: As much as the earth and sky!
J: Yes, thank you.
J: On the first day of the new year we’re able to spend this kind of wonderful time together with you~
J: So we’re really really happy. And also~
J: We’re happy to receive this kind of refreshing… first day of 2011.
J: You’re all happy too right?
K: Since this was our first concert we were really nervous and-
K: – how can I say it, worried a lot…
K: … but thanks to all of your support we’ve been able to successfully reach the end.
K: Thank you so so much.
J: Thank you!
T: Thank you~
O: This was fun-
M: Everyone- Yes?
O: I said this was really fun.
J: That’s right. This was really so much fun. (M: Yes!)
J: I think this is perhaps- you know how you usually start the New Year with a big wish?
J: Well it seems like we’ve already received that wish so it feels really good.
J: Because we’ve already made this great experience with you all…
J: For the rest of 2011, if we can have more fun with..
J: .. even greater music… with you all, that would be great.
K: Today, unfortunately, because of Jonghyun’s leg injury..
K: He couldn’t dance, but he’s recovering quickly right now so..
K: If we can meet you all again for a concert…
K: Then we promise to show you the sight of all five of us dancing together.
M: Yes, and because so many of you came, I really want to say thank you.
M: Ah~
J: Last song
M: Now just our last song remains.
M: We also find it really too bad but…
M: It would be great if us, SHINee… along with you all, SHINee World…
K: … could become one from now on.
M: On that note, let’s listen to “One”.
T: Happy New Year~!
O: Thank you~!!


Closing Ment

T: Thank you~~~!!
O: Thank you!
T: Thank you!
M: Thank you!
O: Thank you~
T: Thank you!
M&K: Thank you~!
O: Thank you
(I love you! Saranghae!)
M: Yes, like this we’ve finished our concert.
J: Yes, that’s right..
M: This concert is… really…
M: .. Of course we are the ones standing on stage..
M: … But in order for us to stand here, our staff who went through a lot-
J: Right~
M: – they are working even harder than we are behind us.
M: Also our manager hyungs who are always helping by our side..
M: … our hair and makeup stylist noonas who give us pretty hair and make our faces appear nicer..
M: … the stylist noonas who give us nice clothes to wear..
M: … and the ones who have always – for over three years…
M: …been amazing on stage with us, our dancer hyungs..
M: … The coordinators who – really guide us well when we have a concert.. bodyguard hyungs..
M: … And.. because of all of you, we were able to have this concert. Thank you!
T: Thank you!
O: Thank you~!
J: Thank you~~
O: It seems like this will be a really happy year! THANK YOU!!
M: Our performance – Today, Jonghyun-hyung…
M: … Seems like he will have a lot to say. Jonghyun-hyung~
J: Yes, I- Today we had our concert like this, but unfortunately…
J: … my leg was not in a good condition so… I couldn’t dance but..
(It’s okay! It’s okay!)
J: Ah~ I’m so sorry~ I’m sorry, SHINee World..
T: All together! ‘It’s okay! It’s okay! It’s okay!’
(It’s okay!)
K: We promise to meet you all next time with a much better condition..
K: … and thank you all so so much for coming today. We’ll work harder from now on. Happy New Year!
T: Thank you~
J: Ah! I really have to say this! Today..
J: … Because I hurt my leg I couldn’t dance right? In my place..
J: … there’s a trainee who worked really hard.
J: That friend is Yixing (Lay). It would be great if you all cheered for him together.
J: Because he’s a friend who I’m really grateful for helping with this concert..
J: It’d be great if you all cheered for him a lot. Thank you.
J: Thank you.
K: It seems like we will now have to give our final greeting.
K: Should our leader…?
T: Then shall we return to the main stage?
T: I don’t want to leave~ ah~
K: Seriously..
(Kajima! Don’t go!)
O: Helping us since our debut until now, we would like to invite our dancer-hyungs onto the stage with us
M: Our dancer-hyungs!! Dancer-noonas!
M: Clap~~!!
T: This is our dancer-hyung in charge of choreography for the past 3 years. He really worked hard!
Dancer: Thank you~
T: Give him a round of applause!
M: Our youngest is Taemin but this guy calls us all ‘maknae’ – Dong-An!
O: Maknae!
T: Maknae!
M: Maknae!
T: Dad!
J: And among our dancers, here is the most attractive hyung!
J: The most- most handsome
O: Na Il-Sung~ K: Best face! Ulzzang!
J: And our… our… ok nevermind.
T: For now, Hyuk-Ju hyung!
T: Along with Kyeongseok-hyung, this hyung was in charge of us for three years.
T: Since the time of ‘Replay’ he has – really – looked out for us a lot and taught us dance.
T: Please give him a – round of applause! Clap!
M: And in place of our Jonghyun, this is the one who performed with us, Yixing! Please clap for him!
J: Please cheer for him! Please cheer for him a lot! He’s someone who is practicing a lot~ Thanks~
J: Let’s all bow together..
O: Jaewon-hyung, thank you!
M: Shim-bang-gu, thank you! (Shim Jaewon)
M: Alright, one! Two! Three! Thank you!!
T: There’s one final thing I want to say..
T: Firstly.. for our future plans this year..
T: Minho-hyung said that he wants to win a Daesang~
T: Please help us so we can win a Daesang award this year!
T: SHINee World, please support us! Thank you!!
K: Alright then, until now this has been contemporary band..
K: Bye~~
O: Head home safely. Because it’s cold out, you must all dress warmly okay?
J: Today was really- Who’s coming tomorrow?!
J: Coming again?! Again?! You’re coming again?!
J: We have to have fun again tomorrow~
M: Then we better change things up right?
O: Bye~
T: Thank you God~ You’ve worked hard!
M: SHINee World is the best!!

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