SHINee “Sunny Side” 15th JP Single 8/1 Release~!

SHINee “Sunny Side” 15th JP Single 8/1 Release~!

SHINee’s 15th Japanese single “Sunny Side” is set to be released Aug. 1st, 2018! The digital version of the single was pre-released on Japanese services July 27th, 2018 (the same evening as their fanmeet at Tokyo Dome). This Japanese single is the first of SHINee’s Japanese songs to contain lyrics written solely by SHINee! During the promotions for this single they appeared on the Japanese news show Sukkiri to perform the Japanese version of their Korean title track “Good Evening” (7/27) and they also performed at the festival “Summer Station Live” (7/27). Broadcasts of Summer Station Live (8/11 AbemaTV) & the fanmeet at Tokyo Dome (9/28 Wowow) are scheduled for later this year~! After this short promo tour, they performed at SMTown in Osaka (7/28-7/30) and will round out their promotions with a fansign on 7/31~!



  1. Sunny Side [title track] (Lyric Translation)
  2. Good Evening (JP ver.)
  3. I Want You (JP ver.)


Official Website



SHINee’s “Sunny Side” – 15th Japanese Single release date: 8/1/18 [Physical] & 7/27/18 [Digital]~!


Digital Purchase & Streaming

Physical Purchase (Details)

  • USA Group Order: Will post here if we see one~
  • CDJapan: CD + DVDCD (Clear folder pre-order bonus, see below for details)
  • YesAsia: CD + DVD | CD



“Sales of Japanese music products that are shipped internationally will not be reflected in the Oricon charts.” – YesAsia 
“Please note that Oricon does not count any data of products that are sent overseas, and CDJapan is no exception.” – CDJapan

** If you would like for your purchase to count on Oricon, you must purchase your album through someone that is buying the album directly in Japan (fan organized group orders, eBay [look for users shipping “From Japan”], etc.) -OR- You can purchase through through a proxy service like Buyee, From Japan, Tenso, etc. More information on Oricon can be found here~! For overachievers who want to count on Oricon and get those pre-order bonuses, services like Buyee are going to be your friend. According to J-Shawols, Fanclub versions do not count on Oricon.**


Physical Album Details

「Sunny Side」Release: 8/1/18

◆ First Press Limited Edition【CD】+ 【DVD】+【PHOTO BOOKLET (24P)】
Product Code:UPCH – 89392
Price:2,407 Yen(+tax)
Specifications: Tall with sleeve case size digital pack 

◇ CD Tracklist

01. Sunny Side << Title Track
02. Good Evening (JP ver.)
03. I Want You (JP ver.)

◇ DVD (Region All expected)

  • “Good Evening” (JP Ver.) Music Video
  • “I Want You” (JP Ver.) Music Video
  • Behind the Scenes video


◆ Normal Edition 【CD】+【PHOTO BOOKLET (12P)】
Product Code:UPCH – 80500
Price:1,204 Yen (+tax) 

◇ CD same as Limited Edition


Fanclub Edition【CD】+【PHOTO BOOKLET (64P)】
Product Code:PDCN – 5909
Price:2,407 Yen (+tax)
Specifications: Tall with sleeve case size digital pack 

◇ CD same as Limited Edition

※To buy fanclub edition, you must be a member of SHINee World J
or purchase it from someone who is (or check eBay / Yahoo Auctions JP).


Pre-Order Bonus

Postcard (B5)

  • Tower Records (online & in store)
  • HMV & BOOKS (in store)
  • Tsutaya (in store, specific locations)
  • Universal Music Store (includes FC ed.)

Clear File – Type A (A4)

  • HMV & BOOKS (online)
  • Tsutaya (in store, specific locations)
  • Other Stores: Shinseido, WonderGOO, Yamano Music,, Rakuten Books, CD Japan, etc.

3 different clear files were available at the Tokyo Dome Fanmeet.




Fanmeet at Tokyo Dome Setlist 180726

  1. Everybody
  2. Picasso
  3. Tell Me Your Name
  4. Sherlock (Taemin’s pick)
  5. 3 2 1 (Onew’s pick)
  6. View (Key’s pick)
  7. 君のせいで (Kimi no seide / Because of You) (Minho’s pick)
  8. 1000年、ずっとそばにいて… (1000-Nen, Zutto Soba Ni Ite… / 1000 Years Always By Your Side)
  9. Keeping Love Again
  10. Colors of the Season
  12. To Your Heart
  13. Kiss Kiss Kiss
  14. Diamond Sky
  15. Good Evening (JP ver)
  16. Sunny Side
  17. Our Page
  18. I Want You (JP ver)

Translation thread: mredwardsanders 1


SMTOWN in Osaka SHINee Setlist 180727-180730

Taemin – MOVE
Taemin – Only One (dance w/ BoA)


Good Evening


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