SHINee Best Of The Best Playlist: Poll #4 FINAL

SHINee Best Of The Best Playlist: Poll #4 FINAL


New fans come into our fandom all the time and with SHINee’s discography being SO LARGE it’s hard for new fans to know where to start. For the past months, we have been taking Shawol polls of YOUR favorite songs so we can create the ultimate Shawol Playlist – made by fans for fans~! The final playlist will be compiled on YouTube (based on video availability) + a Korean Top 20 playlist will be compiled for iTunes. (Unfortunately Spotify doesn’t have SHINee’s full Korean discography so making one from this would be too lacking.)

Polls: #1 Korean 2008-2011, # 2 Korean 2012-2017, #3 Japanese (all), & #4 Final Poll (including OSTS)



The Top songs from all 3 preliminary polls these past 2 months have been compiled for one massive final round of voting~! These polls (preliminary & final) will never close. It is our hope that over time, these numbers will change and we can continue modifying the playlist to reflect the hearts of the fans. We would love to say that the final poll was voted on based on the opinions of over 1,000 fans. So please be sure to share this a lot~! ^^ Thank you!


Pick 20 Songs. This is the last poll so choose wisely~! ^^
181 votes · 80 answers


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