Taemin: Reebok Classic CF Model

Taemin: Reebok Classic CF Model


Taemin is the Korean model for Reebok Korea’s “Classic” brand~! In this new commercial & advertising, he will be remaking an old popular Korean Reebok CF from the 80’s.


Official Korean Website

Reebok Korea Classic Ad Campaign: http://shop.reebok.co.kr/brand/campaign/view.action?pn=Workout_Plus
Reebok Korea Classic Shop: http://shop.reebok.co.kr/RPF070801.action?pageNo=383


US Reebok Store

Reebok US Always Classic: http://www.reebok.com/us/alwaysclassic
Reebok US Taemin’s CF Shoes – Workout Plus: Men’s / Boys  – The smallest men’s shoe is the equivalent of a Ladies 9


30sec CF

” I think I didn’t stop (playing piano). Ah it’s hard as expected. I want to have a distinct identity of my own. There is a time when you are attracted to retro mood. I rather want to be a natural person. Hehh ‘timeless’? Something that doesn’t change..” cr. jujuhome

1min CF



Mini Posters (in store freebies)

Dispatch Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

Dispatch: Naver Starcast Behind the Scenes

Sports Kyeonghyang Behind the Scenes Photos

Naver Behind the Scenes Photos



W Korea – March 2018 issue

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