[Guide] Listen to Jonghyun’s Blue Night Radio

[Guide] Listen to Jonghyun’s Blue Night Radio

Since our previous tutorial died with our Tumblr blog, it’s time to make a new one~! It’s been about two months since Jonghyun’s tearful farewell to Blue Night. He says he’ll definitely come back to radio when he can and I’m trusting in his words! So until then, did you know you can still listen to all of his old broadcasts on the MBC Mini app? The only part that’s missing are the songs because of copyrights. But you can still hear his voice and all of the guests for literally every broadcast during his time at MBC! Thanks MBC! So how do you download and use the app? Let’s get started!

*Important Links*


For Phones

1. Download MBC Mini App

2. Open the App~!

  • Select FM4U (MBC has more than one station)
  • Select the FM4U Schedule



3. Select Blue Night (airs at 00:00) + Select Headphones

  • For reference, the other buttons lead to parts of the new Blue Night page. But these icons are the same for all of MBC’s stations. So if SHINee appears on an MBC Visual Radio again in the future, that’s how to find it~!



4. Scroll ALL~ the way back to when Jonghyun DJ’d & Select the Broadcast

  • Air Dates: February 3, 2014 to April 2, 2017


For Web

1. Go to this Website (click here)

  • Click the “Web” button

2. Navigate using these instructions~!



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    • Some pieces have been randomly translated over the years. But since it was an hour long daily show for 3 years, there’s no way Shawols could keep up with it all. @Bluenight0525 on Twitter has been randomly translating episodes recently. I forget who all did it over the years. fyjjong on Tumblr also has an archive of older translations. Hope that helps!

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