[Interview] Beats1 – Takeover: The Sound of Korea

[Interview] Beats1 – Takeover: The Sound of Korea

Transcribed audio from Apple Music – Beats1 Radio “Takeover: The Sound of Korea”

Dumbfounded: I’m sitting here right now with all 5 members of SHINee. They’re looking very swagged out right now. [Hello, it’s nice to meet you] I know my Korean is a little broken so I’m going to speak to Key. You speak English right?

Key: I’ll speak in English like you speak in Korean okay? [both laugh]

DF: Man you guys are insanely popular. I told one of my home girls out in London that I was interviewing y’all and she lost her mind! How has that feeling been? You know, getting this international love.

Key: Isn’t that amazing? A few years ago it would be hard to imagine that people in Europe or all over the world would be listening to k-pop. I mean, they’re watching everything on internet and Twitter and Instagram. They’re checking everything like [jebareuge]!

DF: By the way, “jebareuge” means “instantly”. Which is true! Everybody has you know access to this international music at the tip of their fingers. Let’s play a track – This one is actually from my friend out in London. She to play this one and it’s called “Married to the Music” which is the title track on the 4th album.

[Married to the Music plays]

[Savior plays]

DF: We’re back here with SHINee… Let’s talk about the genre “K-Pop”. It’s so addicting. I’ve found myself at a coffee shop just looking at these music videos back to back all day. What do you think is so addicting about k-pop?

Key: You know we’re not a rock band, we’re not an R&B group – we’re k-pop singer SHINee, right? I mean that’s kind of a new genre in this world. I think they love our own characters and I think they love our own vibe from the music? I think that’s why.

DF: I agree. I think it’s a lot of – the visuals are very interesting and everybody’s kind of like a superhero character. [Key laughs] It’s like the Marvel Universe or something! Let’s play another song. This one is called “Picasso” which is the bonus track off of SHINee World IV the live concert album.

[Picasso plays]

DF: To all the fans all over the world – since Beats1 is in over 100 countries – are there any last words you would like to say to SHINee fans?

Jonghyun: [speaks in Korean T_T]

DF: He said thank you to all the international fans who have been sticking with them for years as well as all the new fans every time they visit these countries. It makes them really want to put a lot of effort into their shows and make it better every time. Seriously I want to thank y’all for coming. It was an honor meeting you guys. Let’s play one more SHINee song. This is “View” from the album “Odd”.

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