[Interview] Fuse – KCON LA 2016

[Interview] Fuse – KCON LA 2016

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Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho and Key were silly when talking about one another, but serious when it came to love for their U.S. fans: “Our fans have been waiting for us; we feel the heat”

/ July 31, 2016


With eight years under their belt and still going strong, SHINee hit yet another new milestone this weekend as a headliner for KCON 2016 Los Angeles this weekend. While the group is known for their professionalism onstage, the guys look more than relaxed talking to Fuse backstage at the Staples Center, leaning and throwing their arms around one another as they’re seated in a semicircle, waiting for one member to return from a quick bathroom break.

Check out what the guys had to say about their upcoming comeback, teamwork through the years and their love of their U.S. fanbase below.

FUSE: How do you guys like LA?
Minho: Hot! [Laughs] Not only is the weather hot, but the fanbase is really hot too. They welcomed us when we got the airport at LAX. We had a concert at the Hollywood Bowl before and the fans were excited for us. We feel really great.

Did you get to explore at all?
Key: We went to Six Flags yesterday. Taemin lost his cell phone.
Taemin: I found it…but it was all broken!

You’ve been doing fan meetings in the U.S. recently and now you’re headlining KCON at the massive Staples Center. How’s it feel right now?
Key: We have had a performance in the Staples Center with SMTown, but it’s been awhile. We haven’t had lots of business to the States in quite some time, but we feel our fans have been waiting for us; we feel the heat. As much as we can, we want to try to visit our fans here.

There are reports you’re planning a comeback soon. What’s the status of it so far?
Every time we come out with a new album, we feel like we introduce something very new. It will be just like that this time as well, it will be something surprising for everybody. So wait up! It’s a secret whether it’s a mini-album or full album. We’re still preparing, it’s still in the preparation stages.

In the past, the members have contributed by writing lyrics, raps, and sometimes even producing or composing. Have you all been involved this time?
We don’t know since we don’t have a clear picture of what the next album is going to be like yet, but we are working constantly and we’re creating new music all the time so we can promise it’ll be a good product.

You guys have stuck together for more than eight years. How do you keep your bond strong?
Jonghyun: We respect individual boundaries and personal space—not only emotionally, but as well as physically. Giving each other space is helping us be more professional when it comes to our teamwork.

Do you fight at all?
Key: We used to fight quite often in the past! [Laughs] Not recently. It’s been awhile since we last fought.
Jonghyun: I don’t even remember the last time we fought.
Onew: How about today?
Jonghyun: [Laughs] Today might be the day then!

Any parting words for your U.S. fans?
Fans in the United States, we don’t get to see you guys as often as we would like to, but we hear from you, we hear your encouragement and support. When the opportunity comes, we’ll be the first ones to see you.

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