[Drama] Onew: 청춘시대2 / “Age of Youth 2” (Cancelled)

[Drama] Onew: 청춘시대2 / “Age of Youth 2” (Cancelled)

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Release Date: August 25, 2017 (1)
Network: JTBC
Time Slot: Fridays & Saturdays 23:00 KST
Genre: Youth Drama Romance
Role: Kwon Ho-Chang
Homepage: JTBC
Stream: Coming Soon

((Onew schedule for this drama cancelled due to controversy))*

* Despite the support of the directors & staff, Onew decided to step down from his role in this drama due to a harassment controversy. His role will be replaced by Lee Yoo Jin (from Produce 101 Season 2).



” ‘Age of Youth’ is a drama that tells the story of five completely different female university students living in one house together.”  (Soompi)

Onew’s Role

Kwon Ho-Chang – “The role he was offered is an engineering student who is Han Seung Yeon’s love interest [character name: Jung Ye-Eun].” (Soompi) “Meet ‘Kwon Hochang’, an engineering guy who knows nothing about dating.” (@iheartshinee_)

170809 Naver Article

JTBC’s new Friday/Saturday drama ‘Age of Youth 2’ will have Kim Minseok, Onew, and An Wooyeon take the roles of Seo Jang Hoon, Kwon Ho Chang, and Hye Yim Dal respectively. As Minseok himself calls them, the three new “Men of Age of Youth”, all will grow as individuals as well as with their respective partners while aiming for the sympathy of youths.

“I’m looking forward to the process of Ye Eun and Ho Chang embracing their painful wounds.” – Onew

Onew has taken the role of an engineering college student who doesn’t know love/dating, Kwon Ho Chang. Due to the tendency of geniuses to posses autistic-like characteristics, he has trouble making eye-contact with other people and that brought him painful experiences being outcast at school. Maybe this pained heart recognized another heart in pain? You can see how scarred Ye Eun (Han Seung Yeon) is at a glance, as she has developed a trauma from her past abusive relationship. The reason we anticipate their story is to watch how two youths in pain can meet to open up and heal with each other.

Onew shared his excitement to join ‘Age of Youth 2’ in a roundabout way, “I was watching Age of Youth’s first episode, then all of a sudden I was on the eighth episode. This program was interesting to the level that I didn’t even notice the time.” He continues, “I had only greeted Han Seung Yeon as a senior in our music profession, and now we get to meet through working together on this show. Filming together is comfortable as if we were already familiar, and she is graciously leading me well, so I’m enjoying filming.” Onew shares a final hint about the show, “Even though Ho Chang has a bright face on the outside, inside he carries a wound since he was young like a scar, he’s that kind of character. I hope you all anticipate the process of Ho Chang and Ye Eun embracing each other’s wounded hearts.”

‘Age of Youth 2’ takes place a year after the first Age of Youth, at the same share-house ‘Belle Epoque’ with the old tenants and some new ones. The first broadcast is Aug. 25th at 11pm KST.

Translated by SHINee USA Staff


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